lower cased letters are just more aesthetically pleasing because fuck capitalism.

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A zillion miles away won´t stop me
from thinking about you this morning with
these particular morning feelings
influenced by last night´s particular dreams
these particular pijamas,
this chocolate breakfast,
and this carpet smell.

Will be repeated on the other side of the world,
about 4 hours…

Listen to emo,
Refuse to answer phone calls,
Show up places drunk."

Daniel Ryan Balderas: How to train wreck your love life. (A Haiku) 

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this is a good idea. although i’ve got the full beard thing covered already. 


Yesterday I ran across an Esquire article called The 75 Albums Every Man Should Own.” Today I’m starting a manly journey. I’m going to start listening to these records because I’m hoping this exercise will put some hair on my chest. I posted my thoughts on the first few today with more to come… Let’s see how many I have to listen to before I grow a full beard.

haha. during a rare phone conversation this weekend, i somehow took the chat off the rails by comparing myself to George Costanza apropos of nothing, so this is pretty appropriate. 


George is my sprit animal.

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Paul F. Tompkin’s Dead Authors Podcast is awesome. I got to see the taping of the J.R.R. Tolkien episode, which isn’t up yet, but hopefully will be soon. Check it out. 

Nathan Barnatt as Trale Lewous in promotion of Skittles gets the Sunil of Approval. As do some of his other videos, like his ads for Butterfinger.

these are pretty sweet. 

these are pretty sweet. 

The Braised Beef Short Rib at the Ravens Club in Ann Arbor gets the Sunil of Approval. I could eat that all day. And all night. And then perhaps again the next day.